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1.Q: How do you choose the right CCTV?
  A: it depend on your needs and your budget. You would need to consider the cameras and recording media suitable to your requirements. and different price camera get different quality. 

2.Q:Will our CCTV camera see in the dark?
  A: indoor or outdoor IR cameras are capable of seeing in the dark at monochrome mode (black & white). the IR distance is always different, you need to check it carefully. 

3.Q:What is "NTSC" and "PAL" system?
  A:NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is a standard used in North America and Japan. It has the ability to display up to 525 lines of resolution. PAL (Phase Alternating Line), a standard used almost everywhere else in the world, has the ability to display 625 lines of resolution.  if you order a NTSC camera back to use for a PAL system, you will get bad video, even the color is wrong with black&white. 

4.Q:What do the lens sizes of CCTV cameras mean?
  A:The Cameras here in our website have different focal length lenses which are expressed in millimeters. The smaller the number, the wider angle the lens. A 3.6mm lens is very wide angle (on a 1/3" CCD Chip, roughly 90 degrees horizontal viewing angle), whilst as we move up to 6mm the angle closes in and the image appears nearer. If you are not sure what focal length you require, you could choose one of our vari-focal CCTV camera.

5.Q:What is the difference between a varifocal lens and a fixed lens?
  A:A varifocal lens is one where the focal length of the lens can be varied.we call it zoom lens also. like a 2.8-12mm lens.   Most varifocal lenses have, and in almost all circumstances should have, an auto iris feature.A fixed focal length lens cannot zoom. like you can choose a 3.6mm lens, or you can choose a 6mm lens. when you finish your choice and not change on your choose d camera.  The focus is fixed. A fixed focal length lens usually better than a varifocal, or zoom lens when in low light situations.

6.Q:What does CCD stand for?
  A:CCD's full name is "Charge Coupled Device". The CCD is the image sensor of the security camera. The lens focuses reflected light onto the surface of the CCD chip and photo diodes within the chip produce an electrical charge proportional to the amount of light falling onto them.

7.Q:What does TVL mean?
  A:TVL (TV Lines) refers to the horizontal resolution (the maximum number of vertical lines the camera can resolve) of the CCTV camera. there is aslo a way to exchange from TVL to Pixels. 

8.Q:What is Camera Resolution mean?
  A:Resolution is a measurement unit of the camera's clarity. A cameras resolution is determined by the number of horizontal video lines (320~650 lines) that the camera needs in order to reproduce the desired image. The higher the resolution number, the sharper the image will be.

9.Q:What is the difference between indoor and outdoor camera ?  
A:Outdoor camera must be weather proofed, like dust, water, rain or something else. Whereas indoor need not require protective of weather,can not work when raining or in water, that would course the water coming onto the inside camera and burned the ccd board and break down the system.

10.Q:What is day and night camera?
  A:IR camera is with the LED light on camera and automatically sense the night. then the IR light will open automatically, then the camera can still work well. but the picture is black & white, not color.  

11.Q:LUX--How it affects picture quality ?
  A:The illumination factor LUX (1/10 of a foot candle) is a standardized unit to measure a camera's sensitivity to light. The lower the number, the less light it will need to reproduce a clear image. A camera with a LUX of 1 means it can see an image during early evening hours or just before dusk. A camera with 0.5 LUX has the ability to see an image in a dimly lit corridor. A 40W fluorescent lamp will provide sufficient indoor light for a camera with 2 LUX. With the help of infrared light, camera can work with 0 LUX, i.e., under total darkness, even better than the human eyes!

12.Q:What is zoom camera ?
  A: a camera with a zoom lens(varifocal lens). 

13.Q:What are OSD camera?
  A:the 650TVL  camera in our website are all with OSD menu on the pigtail cable. you use it to set a lot of function.  there is also another kind of OSD camera which have a built in OSD system within the camera in order to set functions such as Iris levels, AGC on/off and most features of standard and advanced camera.