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DETAILS OF EXPO:Our factory took part in BEIJING CPSE in December,2008.We made full
preparation in booth design,products position as well as demonstration and so on. We brought our new products such as the popular IR LED ARRAY cameras,and also

some  common cameras.You can find any  camera you want! And  many customers were caught by the products'special design

and excellent function. Many purchase orders came. We displayed comprehensive research ability, innovation and brought brand new ideas about market and technology to show the resolution of conquer the market through this expo. At the same time,we have  been trying to enlarge the overseas market.


DETAILS OF EXPO:Our company came to shenzhen CPSE in November ,2009.AT this time,we especially brought new series

with higher quality, such as vandal-proof dome camera series, zoom camera series and so on. We have been trying to work at

there search and  development. To meet buyers' needs,we always pay more attentions to excellent  functions and good service. We came up with more  innovations about our  products in the expo. And it  attracted a great deal clients  to make orders. As the

most  importance  of  security camera manufacturers. We  also attached  importance  to  products functions  this show  and our

products became the focus and we were spoken highly of by other companies and professionals.We aimed to let buyers to use

our products instead  of abstract  ads. We have been making innovations o  n our products and lead the market. We are warmly  welcome people from all over the world to know more about our products.


 T ITLE:HONGKONG CSF IN APRIL,2010                 


 DETAILS OF EXPO: Our company came to CSF in April,2010

 of Hongkong. We are sensitive to the market and  devoted to

 make first-class quality. As shown  in the  picture, we mainly

 displayed new-style LED Array series along with DVR,monitor

and some featured bracket.we would let  the product speak for 

itself .Any client can try if interested.  We had many patterns for


you to choose from or according to buyers'needs.We are  stick that  customers comes first. Products displayed in the booth were eco-

nomical and if you order the bulk one, we will have you discount. Lots of people consulted us on the right spot, and a quantity of orders are settled. You know our products'selling point are their advanced technology.





DETAILS OF EXPO:Our corporation were delighted to come to Hongkong CSF in Otcober, 2010. We set th all kinds ofmodels 

to meet buyers' requirement.a bunch of clients were trying our products to see how they worked. It was obvious that our prod

ucts were easy to operate,you know,excellent quality and new

style as well as different colours and sizes.The warranty for BS 

is for 3 years while for SR is 1 year. We believe quality comes

first and do our best to offer best service. We worked on helping customers   solve  problems. A great deal  clients were  made

orders with us .We promise we will always offer the best service. 

  TITLE:HONGKONG CSF IN October,2011     

   Location: HONGKONG

DESCRIPTIONS :Our company are honored to come to HONGKONG

CSF IN OCTOBER,2011.We will mainly show our newest style products.

Our products are primarily  IR ARRAY and IR DOME SERIES. And  other weatherproof camera series. You know quality, style, function and  size

have  been  improved  greatly due  to  our research  and  development department and  support from you. And we do  hope  you can turn up to

our booths.We will always offer our best services. We are warmly welcome you coming! And if you have any questions ,please don't  hesitate to contact. 





TITLE:HONGKONG CSF IN April,2012                                            

   Location: HONG KONG

DESCRIPTIONS :Our company are honored to come to HONGKONG CSF

IN APRIL,2012.We will mainly show our newest style products.Our products are primarily  IR ARRAY and IR DOME SERIES. And other weatherproof camera series. You know quality, style, function and  size have  been  improved  greatly due  to  our research  and development department and  support from you. And we do  hope  you can turn up to our booths.We will always offer our best services. 

We are warmly welcome you coming! And if you have any questions ,please don't  hesitate to contact.