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 Our company own 2000 square big factory. Non-dust work environment, high-tech production equipment, professional & hard-work workers. Strong research & development department, every year produce many new design camera for this market. We are experienced on OEM & ODM. You will absolutely find what you want here.

OEM for you!



  Production Procedure
Raw material purchase -------Raw material QC test(100% test)-----put in stock------
PO received ------planning production (raw material & time)---------on line production -------on line QC check-----down line-----high heat aging test for 24 hours------100%QC test agin ------packing line-------random QC-------end camera warehouse------delivery-------checking QC before delivery

 QC procedure

100% raw material QC test(QC1)------100%on line QC test(QC2)---------100%QC test after aging (QC3)-------random QC on packing line(QC4)---------checking QC before delivery(QC5)



Nice Office:
Our main office located in Science City of Guangzhou,China. A beautiful industrial park. It own about 50 office staffs, charging marketing, R&D, finance department. 
Welcome to visit our office and cooperate with us!

          bscctv building bscctv building


          bscctv front door

          science city office 1  science city office 2