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     nice journey to sea side(Yangjiang City) to feel the sea breeze, the fine sunshine, forget all the troubles on work or life. just feeling.  the vast sea as far as the eye can reach, as the sky reflection. We eaten a variety of seafood there. Our laughter has been floating in the sea!!


    NEW YEAR'S DAY.the begining of the year.The whole family celebrate this  festival and go out to have delicious dinner , dancing,play games and so on.We get together,because we are a family!


    The Lantern Festival come again. Bright colored overflows the festival celebrations. The beautiful song lingers our ear. The various dance let people to linger also. All of this already be a part of our memories.

Bangshi participated in a two-day outdoor training


  On July 22, 2012. Our company staffs  participated  a two-day outdoor expand training



  On the action of steel wire to you have to believe in the power of from his team-mates. So  you want to know and dare to believe others.



  At last a big group photo, thank you to our Allies, and our captain, our coach, let us go through a pleasant unforgettable time!